Activities And Team Building

Auckland’s Waitakere Estate and the surrounding Waitakere Ranges provide the corporate conference and incentive customer with an unlimited range of activities. We are happy to provide you with advice and assistance in planning your corporate activities for your stay at Auckland’s Waitakere Estate.

On Site Team Building/Event Activities
Bookings are required for these activities. Pricing available on request.

Laser Sport Shooting
Laser Sport Shooting, the electronic version of clay target shooting, can be done on site at Auckland’s Waitakere Estate. Great entertainment, safe and easy to use.

Auckland’s Waitakere Estate has on site abseiling by AWOL Adventures. A great first time and light hearted abseiling experience.

This professionally run Archery is a great on site activity everyone can take part in. Archery suits all ages, physiques, genders and levels of fitness.

Team Adventure Race
This is all about fun, teamwork, challenge and competition. The race involves a number of challenges from which teams obtain points. The points can be cashed for rewards (the rewards need to be supplied).

Helicopter Sightseeing
The spectacular scenery and dramatic West Coast coastline can be viewed by Helicopter departing from Auckland’s Waitakere Estate.

Las Vegas Casino Nights
Dress up, theme your night and enjoy a spot of sophisticated revelry.

Michael Jones Comedian
Hilarious! What can be better than a really, really good laugh!

Pricing available on request 

Outdoors with your team
AWOL now offer a whole range of programmes based around fun and shared team experiences.

On site at Waitakere Estate, AWOL offers:
• Team adventure races – teams split into groups to compete on challenges
• Rogaines – orienterring styled racing
• Abseiling (dry or through waterfalls)
• Close by in Piha they offer full or half day canyoning adventures.

See the awol website to get more info!

ROCKUP Team building and Corporate Fun Days
Would you like the opportunity to offer your team fun experiential training days to generate & encourage the development of relationships on all levels with facilitated interactive programs that enhance the overall well-being and productivity of your business ?

To increase productivity hinges on the relationships between managers, their teams, staff, contractors & clients. It is well documented that owners, managers & employees get sick less often, take fewer days off, generate better attitudes towards clients & are more productive when ongoing structured team ethics are reinforced.

Pistol Shooting
ROCKUP offers pistol shooting complete with all equipment, steel targets or paper targets, two CO2 8 shot Berettas with airbarn shelter or a range of other options from rifle shooting to team tasking activities. All delivered with licensed instructor to you your resort, vineyard, or conference facility.

Often known as the quiet hunting art, archery is a skill anyone can master, regardless of age, ability, agility, strength or sex. ROCKUP delivers your choice of archery equipment, with a professional setup, trained instructor including a 6x3m shelter for (which allows for operation in most weathers), to setup operate then packup to your schedule. Whether incorporated into a Top Team Event, Conference energiser or Corporate

Clay Bird Shooting
ROCKUP offers live-fire shooting complete with all equipment, double thrower, 12g Pump Shotguns or a range of other options from pistol to rifle shooting and licensed instructor.

Top Team Challenges
A ROCKUP Top Team Challenge is a fun way for teams to interact. Offering an opportunity for larger groups to experience a range of activities. Creates a fun atmosphere and team comraderie (& rivalry!) with teams competing against each other for a treasure chest of wine & chocolate. Suitable for groups of 30 to 120 delegates with a choice of over 30 ROCKUP activity options eg Rockclimbing, Archery, Volcano Adventure, Giant Earth Balls, Ski Boards, Rubic Cube Puzzle, Poisonous Webs, Log Joust, All Stars Basketball Challenge & More.

Themed Team Events
ROCKUP has a wide experience in delivering creative interactive and fun themed activities that will add another dimension to your conference or event, as it is the shared experience that develops, rapport and bonding that then will open communication levels to enable ongoing positive interaction. In today’s world of fast hyperspace surreality the relativity of full physical contact and mutual disclosure has become more important than ever.
ROCKUP can Rock your world with great interactive ideas & themes to make a difference for you & your team.

Pricing available on request.

Alternative Activities

In balance with some more energetic activities why not treat your team to some quiet, mindfulness practices in the beautiful grounds of Auckland’s Waitakere Estate?

Mindfulness is taking the corporate world by storm! We are now realising the benefits of focus, awareness, team building and connections that these seemingly simple, ancient practices offer.

Come and try a variety of activities with Maureen Buchan-Reid, Holistic Life Coach and international T’ai Chi Chu’an instructor.

Ch’i Kung
A set of 18 simple traditional Chinese exercise postures done mindfully that can bring balance to mind, body and spirit

T’ai Chi Chu’an
A Chinese exercise system and, surprisingly for many Westerners, an extremely effective martial art. Partnerwork practices allow us to see how we react to incoming forces, how we react in T’ai Chi to forces mirrors how we react in life.

Learn about the practice of mindfulness meditation. People will often automatically say “I can’t meditate!” Find out why you can, and in as little as ten minutes a day, how this can positively affect your team.

Yoga and Pilates also available

Pricing on request 

Off Site Team Building/Event Activities
Within 15 to 30 minutes of Auckland’s Waitakere Estate

Blatsa Cars
Blastacars is the ultimate karting experience. Not to be confused with regular go karts, these are purpose built, powerful karts. Coupled with custom tracks we create an experience all about sliding sideways. Whether it's a booking for one or one hundred we have you sorted.

For those wishing to test their golfing skills there are several golf courses within a short drive of the estate.

Our closest golf course is the Waitakere Golf Club, Monday to Friday: Affiliated and non-affiliated players, clubs and trundles are available for hire.

4WD Safari
Blast along sand tracks, through pine and native forest, across towering sand dunes and onto Muriwai Beach (2&3hour rides) along with spectacular views of the wild west coast.

Either one to three hour rides can be arranged. Transport from the Auckland’s Waitakere Estate to the venue is an option.

Pricing available on request

Vineyards and Wine Tours
There are many vineyards in close proximity to the Estate. The vineyards make an ideal afternoon tour based on a wine trail map available at Reception or alternatively as part of an organised wine tour.

We can arrange a wine tour with transport provided and a guide visiting three vineyards, for different sizes of groups.

Paint Ball Shooting
Time for revenge!
Paint Ball Shooting can provide a fun break in the middle of your conference.
A minimum booking of ten persons is required. Overalls are available.

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